Project Description
Today's web content needs more than one gem in one's purse to succeed. What makes or breaks a site is what it chooses to provide and how it provides it. With this in mind, TechBriefly focused on brief news and how-to content. This decision established a visitor base hungry for the less-searched yet inadequately answered elsewhere. Linkmedya used this as leverage for launching 15 subdomains to provide the same content in other languages.
  • Revenue doubled in 6 months (1H of 2021 – 2H of 2021)
  • A consecutive increase of 50K pageviews each month during Q4 of 2022
  • 2H 2020 – 122,610
  • JAN’2021 – 456,278
  • JAN’2022 – 638,228
  • JAN’2023 – 2,879,146
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Branding

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